You might have the image that the Japanese Quality is very good, but very expensive.

We agree with this reputation of the general public and we think that Japanese Quality is essentially accomplished by use and/or adoption of:

■High-end class materials and products.

■High-skilled labor.

■Overly required quality control system.

We guaranty our quality , taking into careful consideration the:

■Use of alternative materials and products that satisfy the specified quality requirements.

■Reduction of works that require high-skilled labor by the prefabrication and manualization of construction methods.

■Simple but thorough-going quality control at the design and construction phases by our personnel acquainted with our quality control manual and flow chart.

Contribution To Improvement Of Global Environment


SUNTAK GREEN arises from the need to provide our clients proper maintenance services and also make analytical suggestions to improve and save energy consumption, reduce costs during the life cycle of their buildings and facilities.

Suntak Project Management
Suntak Project Management