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We started our operation as a general contractor in Mexico in 1999.

Since then twenty years have passed and we have design-built high-quality industrial and commercial buildings.

For more than 100 renowned Mexican and International firms throughout Mexico.

Taking the opportunity of our 20th anniversary of the company, we started to introduce the most advanced IT Technologies to make our design-build business as efficient and productive as possible, thus aiming at the total client´s satisfaction about our services and our products.

We also expanded our services to the Life-Cycle Maintenance and Energy Saving Management of buildings to guaranty our clients the safe, reliable, and economical asset management.

We are firmly determined to design-build the Japanese Quality standard buildings with competitive prices to our clients throughout Mexico.



Suntak Project Management was founded in 1999. Since the foundation of our company, we have worked hard with the aim of becoming one of the best design, engineering and construction companies in Mexico.

Now we work as a Design-Build contractor specialized in high-quality industrial and commercial buildings in Mexico, offering not only design-construction services, but also complementary services such as site selection, feasibility study, costs study, legal systems, taxation systems, and so on.

Over 100 staff with different fields of expertise, most of them with more than 20 years of experience, are working hard to realize your dream project in Mexico.

We are Design-Builder of industrial and commercial buildings Exclusively in Mexico.

We have Multi-Lingual Staff.  We guaranty Accurate Communication with any clients.

OUR features

We develop the design & engineering by BIM, which leads to

Total Quality Assurance and Schedule Reduction.

We guaranty

Permit Acquisition

from any local, state and federal entities.

We assist the client to Take Right Decision based on the ample information we collect.

We offer Life-Cycle Maintenance to keep the facility in ideal conditions and increase the Asset Value.

We offer

Cost Reduction Proposals through VE Analysis to attain our object of Japanese Quality with Mexican Costs.

We offer Energy Saving Diagnosis and Planning Services by Suntak Green Construction, aiming at

Minimizing Energy Cost.

Contribution To Improvement Of Global Environment


SUNTAK GREEN arises from the need to provide our clients proper maintenance services and also make analytical suggestions to improve and save energy consumption, reduce costs during the life cycle of their buildings and facilities.

Now we work as a Design-Build contractor specialized in high-quality industrial and commercial buildings in Mexico, offering not only design-const taxation systems, and so on.

Suntak Project Management


Suntak Project Management